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Peace and Release

Since I have been working from home, one of my new favorite things is my morning routine. I roll out of bed at 6 am, start up my work laptop, make my favorite coffee (vanilla hazelnut, black), open the windows and then sit down to start my work day. Lately, there has been a nice cool breeze coming through the window as I open up my emails and begin to read while taking a deep warm sip of coffee. The smells from outside drift in and I feel completely relaxed. It smells like spring outside. It sounds like spring outside. The smells of cut grass and flowers waft through the window and the morning birds singing wake me up and I feel at peace. Even at a time of constant worry and fears of the virus getting worse, fears for my family and loved ones, and well just fears for everyone, there are absolute moments of peace and bliss. This has become one of them. I close my eyes and just breathe everything in wanting the moment to last just a bit longer. I say a little prayer thankful for all of the blessings I have in my life and for this exact moment. Taking one more sip of coffee, I open my eyes and really begin to focus in on my emails and all of my peace is shattered. The whirlwind that is my workday has begun and will run constantly until around 3:30. Emails, so many emails, conference calls, calculations, ordering, and troubleshooting go on all day long. By the time 3:30 rolls around I am totally ready to let off some steam. It is time to head downstairs and take out some aggression.

I started researching boxing months and months ago. Long before this blog was even a thing. This blog was merely talked about at that point with my husband constantly telling me I should just go ahead and do it. “Just get it done”, he said. “What are you scared of really?” Ummmm embarrassment and exposing some of my most intimate thoughts to the general public and any basic fallout that may come from that thank you very much. That was the thing that most scared me. Boxing, while intimidating, was not scary. It was actually something I had always wanted to try. Part of what I enjoy the absolute most about working out is channeling out anger, frustration and aggression. So the thought of being able to punch something or kick something as many times as I want to and as hard as I want to has been appealing for a long time. I don’t lose my mind and wail on the punching bag (well sometimes ok fine but who wouldn’t). I did some research online and found the following website which has been the foundation for starting my boxing journey. is the actual article by Laura Williams. Please do go check it out. It has far better information than what I am about to list. This is just a brief synopsis and their article goes much more in depth. As always I recommend doing research and or talking to someone who knows what the hell they are talking about before trying anything new. Also your doctor. That should really go without saying.

Equipment: One punching bag, gloves, water, a towel, and a kick ass playlist (yes this counts as workout equipment)

Warm up:

Stretching-For this I typically do a mix of yoga poses mixed with some stretches I learned a long long time ago running cross country in middle school. I also jog in place for 30 seconds, do 30 jumping jacks, 15 squats, shadow boxing for 45 seconds, and a plank for 45 seconds to a minute. Also, have you tried planking while a large mastiff sniffs your face and gives you doggie kisses? Bonus.

Jab-Cross Squat- I stand with my feet shoulder width and stagger them. I put both hands up to protect my face. Then I punch out with my left arm, cross over with my right to throw a punch, do a squat, rinse and repeat for 45 seconds.

Rest- Grab a drink and contemplate my playlist choices. Probably answer at least 2 questions from my 6 year old

Cross Punches- Keeping my core tight, I lean back on one foot and then swing across my body making sure to throw my weight behind the punch. Rinse and repeat for 45 seconds.

Rest- Explain to my 6 year old that no, he cannot punch the bag right now, mommy will show him later

Cross Punches- Opposite side. Same as above but with the other arm

Rest- No one around this time. Actual rest.

Side Kick Punch Combos- I complete as many rounds of the following as possible 10 reps of right side kicks, 30 straight punches with my right arm, 10 left side kicks, 30 straight punches with my left arm. Rinse and repeat until I cannot go on or 90 seconds whichever comes first

Rest- AKA I think I may be dying and that my arms may fall off at any minute.

For the rest of this workout please do click the link above. I am not affiliated with them nor they with me in any way other than I stumbled across their awesome workout routine and have had great success with it so far. I just wanted to do a brief rundown of what I am doing to get back into shape. I can feel myself getting stronger and faster. The workouts are not as exhausting. What are you doing to stay healthy or for exercise? Better yet, what does your workout playlist look like? Let me know, write to me I really really do want to hear it!

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