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Here I sit, now officially on a shelter in place order. Job=closed. Schools for my kids=closed. Stock market=down. These uncertain times should have me panicking. I have to come to grips that when this is over there is a possibility I may not have a job to which I can return. As with many people in this time period that is a terrifying thought. The how’s and what ifs over the past few weeks have been occupying my thoughts to the point of complete distraction in all things I try to accomplish.


Take one day at a time.

I will be looking to the coming weeks as a time to spend with my family. I have the opportunity to be with them every day without having to leave this house. I can focus on becoming a better writer. I have possibilities laid out before me, so I need to quiet my brain. I also have time to focus on exercise and better meals. All of the things that there never seem to be quite enough time to do in every day life are at our fingertips if we choose to grab them. Finding logic in the chaos right now is of the utmost importance.

I will be posting more frequently. Get ready, I’m thinking of doing a video already.

One day soon this will all pass. Life will return to mostly normal and then we run into the danger called complacency. For years I have watched people poke fun at doomsday preppers. My boss told me that everyone in his family gave one of his brother’s crap for always having two shelves of toilet paper on hand. He does the same with most of his supplies. Those that laughed at him before are having to ask if there is enough to share. He is willingly sharing but not without giving them hell about all of the jokes at his expense in the past. Lessons can be learned here and I think most people are seeing that right about now. If you aren’t yet, then you will be. I’m not saying you need to grab a shovel and start building a bunker in your back yard. Plus, that would take forever. Get a backhoe people. Here ARE some things the average person should do to prepare for disaster.

1- Accumulate savings: I spent a good portion of my life living paycheck to paycheck. I am so incredibly lucky that nothing too insane ever happened to make that much of a problem. Since meeting my husband, he has taught me a thing or two about being mindful with money. Accumulate at least 3 but better yet 6 months of your wages and then do not touch it unless there is an emergency. It may take you a bit, but seeing the way this has hit our economy should have taught each of us about what we can do without. Live frugally for a while. Build up that savings. THEN you can figure out a way to get to go out more, have the latest things, and still have a cushion for when disaster strikes. Sit down and figure out where your money is going down to the penny. See what you can cut.

2- Supplies on hand: My husband is a bit of a prepper. When I met him he had a closet full of supplies. Canned goods, toilet paper, batteries, camping gear, medical supplies like bandages and ibuprofen, hand warmers, and even a little stove type thing with a usb port to charge devices. As you burn things in the stove, it delivers power to your phones and cameras up. (I highly recommend it. It is very very cool). We (by we I mean he since I just asked him). Take a few shelves in your cupboard, pantry or closet and dedicate those shelves to emergency rations.

3- Things to do: Also on hand we have two closets dedicated to all kinds of board games. If the power is out as it has been from time to time we have plenty of things to occupy our time. Books and magazines are also good options. We don’t wait until disaster strikes to utilize these items but we have them to so we aren’t staring at a wall driving ourselves crazy with boredom.

These are just a few simple things you can do to be prepared. We should all be prepared for these kinds of eventualities in some ways.

How are you filling your days of being shut in? Drop me a line and let me know! Commiserate with me and maybe we can come up with more fun things to do.

In the meantime, try not to go nuts being inside. You are going to be inside with your loved ones for a while. You may also be by yourself. How can you best use this time to better yourself, or to better your relationship with your family? Focus on the real things that you are striving for or that you already have in your life.

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