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It is chaos here. Utter and complete chaos. The kids are losing their minds from boredom when I’m finally able to drag them away from the screens of the television or computer. Every single request to do anything resembling school work is met with whining and why why why! My husband and I are at each other’s throats and barely speaking. The cat clawed a hole in the screen and is seemingly out trying to make his own way in life instead of staying here in this hell hole listening to us all whine and bitch at each other. I saw him one last time as he sashayed across the yard holding his favorite toy in his mouth before he left us forever. Pretty sure he flipped us all off as he turned the corner. The dog misses the cat and refuses to leave her bed. I am somewhere between so bored and too busy to even think straight. I’m going to absolutely lose it.

Just messing with you.

Actually things here are going pretty well. I am working from home. My youngest son has a nice set home schooling schedule that he is used to at this point. He and I sat down and worked out the schedule together. My oldest son is being helpful! He does chores on his own, plays with his younger brother, and will be starting his home schooling schedule tomorrow. My husband and I are doing great! The dog is happy and healthy. She appears to love having everyone here all of the time. The cat did not really leave, however, I still think he flips me off when I’m not looking because that is just who he is as a cat. All in all, this shelter in place thing is going swimmingly. Worrying about the state of the world is still there BUT I am enjoying this rare full and complete time with my family. Now if I could just get everyone to consistently shower and at least change into different pajamas every day.

I fully understand that I am blessed in this moment because there are so many other people out there still going to work. The people I know, the nurses, the doctors, the military, the police, the factory workers, the grocery store workers, the correctional officers, the sanitation workers, and all of the people that have no choice during this time deserve recognition. They are the heroes in this time. A profound and sincere thank you to every single person still getting up, and going out there during this time. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully glued to my work all day every day but I have the ability to do so from my own home safely sequestered when so many others do not have that ability. Also, thank you to the school districts for making sure our students are still learning and being able to progress in their studies. Tonight my son’s kindergarten teacher is reading a bedtime story, utilizing an app so the kids in her class can still see her and know that she cares about them. She does not have to do that and it is so amazing that she is taking it upon herself to do so. In so many ways during this difficult time in our lives, people are stepping up, helping each other, and proving over and over again that this world has so much good left.

As far as food and exercise go, that is also going surprisingly well. At work it is easier to stick to my diet. I only eat what I bring to work and the kitchen is miles away instead of mere feet. For the last 6 days or so I could absolutely have eaten any kind of junk food in the house. I stood at the cabinet whilst staring at the treats trying to seduce me with their sugary goodness. My brain even went through several bouts of, “Go ahead. It is ok. This time is an exception to the rule.” I have yet to give in to any of those thoughts even though it would be easy to do so. The exercise though. That is the sticking point. Why is it so damn hard to get going? As always there are a million reasons not to go downstairs, break out the punching bag and get to work. So, I’m going to do what I said in the beginning and utilize the blog to help keep me accountable. Tomorrow night I will be posting about my workout. This will come complete with what I did, how long I did it, and the progress pictures I’ve been promising (procrastination is still a big thing for me). I owe it to everyone who has read my blog and shared their own frustrations and joys with working out.

Thank you for continuing to read. Thank you for your feedback. Please keep the feedback and stories coming. It honestly means the world to me and helps me with every single temptation I have.

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