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Hi all! It’s been awhile and I am back at square one. Well I guess not quite at square one, I’ve gained a bit of weight back but overall still down. I’ve been berating myself over my weight gain. I’ve been down on myself and chastised myself. I’ve felt terrible. This is one of those moments when I look back at old blog posts and remember all of the reasons and excuses I’ve told myself for not being where I think I should be. I was so far down in the pity party of one. Then I took a look at the news. Riots, protests, elections, lies, corruption, wars, an ongoing pandemic and then I remember to go a bit easier on myself. The world is flat out nuts right now. A friend on social media posted the following the other day and I cannot stop thinking about how right he is with this statement: Witnessing history is exhausting. He is one hundred percent correct. This last year has been exhausting. This last year has brought out the absolute worst in people in so many ways that is almost drowns out the very good things.

But, I’m here to focus on the good things. Starting next week comes the revitalization and overhaul of this blog. Posts have been moved to Wednesday because Tuesdays have become impossible. I hope I still have some of you around. Join me on my journey this year. I’ve missed you all!

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