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Dessert Drama

Shopping these days is a gamble. I do most of my grocery shopping online then head to the store to pick up my order. It does go a little like this:

1- Click on product

2- Add Quantity.

3- Quantity 1- into online cart. All good

4- Add one more- unable to add to cart at this time

5- Click on next product, suddenly last product no longer available

6- Sigh

So when all is said and done, I have partial meals. Macaroni, no cheese. Hamburger buns, no hamburger. Frosted Flakes, no milk. I never have two things that go together! Either way, the day after grocery pick up, I have to go to a different store to supplement my order. I’m leaving and ask my family if they want anything. Snack cakes are the general consensus. Well now of course I want one for myself but let me tell you now friends. Keto store bought desserts are disgusting. I am disappointed 100 percent of the time. Therefore one would think I would give up and simply make my own as usual but there is this stubborn part of me that just resists. I want something quick and easy also! This is how I found myself wandering through the gluten free section of the store. I was looking for something, anything that may constitute a quick and easy pre-packaged snack. There smack dab in the middle of the aisle was a giant display. There may as well have been a light shining down on it and angels singing. 3 different labels stated boldly and proudly cinnamon, chocolate or raspberry. I went with raspberry. I was so excited for my after dinner snack. Completely alone in the kitchen after dinner I pulled it down from the cabinet and gently pulled the package open. Pulling the wrapper to my nose I inhaled the sweet sweet raspberry smell. My head tilted to the side as I realized the something smelled off. There was the luscious raspberry smell, yes but there was an underlying layer of ick. It’s like air freshener in a bathroom. Bad smells are not masked or disposed of, no, more often than not they layer. Lavender smell with a not so subtle bathroom smell underneath. I digress. Ripping the package just a bit further I reached my fingers inside. *Crunch* What in the actual hell? Pulling the soft spongy cake from its packaging it made the oddest sound. Cake should not have a crunchy sound! Not when it is obviously meant to be soft and spongy. It sounded like there was plastic in sprinkled inside. Wincing, I decided to go ahead and take a bite. HOLY MOTHER OF NO. Why is this happening to my mouth right now?! Why did I do this to myself and why did the grocery store forsake me? I promptly spit it out. Shook my fist at the sky and raged at the heavens. Ok. Now I am just being overdramatic. I promptly spit it out and drowned my misery in my keto cheese cake fluff. There are precisely three ingredients. Heavy whipping cream, cream cheese, and sugar free Jello cheesecake powder. Whip the heavy whipping cream until stiff, add in the cream cheese and cheese cake powder. Bam. No carb easy peasy. It is incredibly easy to overeat this snack so I only make it when I am really needing something. Either way it is better than the diet food horror stories found in the grocery store. What are some of your more disgusting diet food finds?

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