Moments with Fenix

Enjoying a nice quiet moment with the cat this morning. He’s in my lap purring intensely, I’m working on my Blog and absentmindedly petting him. Suddenly the mood in the air shifts. I look down. The tail is rapidly flicking, his eye is twitching, the petting has become too much. He stares at me. The purring, once calming becomes the one terrifying sound in the room as we stare at each other. I break the silence with a nervous laugh and set him on the floor. He sits at my feet, I look down, another eye twitch, and he focuses his gaze on my foot. I know at any moment he will pounce on my toes, claw my foot and sink his teeth into my flesh. Mind you, none of this will hurt badly however it freaks me out. I quickly jump up say, “Who wants a kitty treat” pretending like this is not a bribe and that I am in full control of not only myself but the fluffy ball of terror. He allows me this illusion. The house is quiet once more. For now.

Me: (while making breakfast) Fenix stop messing with the house plant Fenix: (stares at me with astonishment) Me:(turns around to stir, hears a ripping in the background) Fenix stop killing the plant Fenix: won't make eye contact Me: (turns around hears rip rip rip tear) FENIX stop Fenix: stares out window Me: Fenix: Me: (turns around hears Riiiiiip) Fenix: (evil quiet kitty laughter)

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